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Are Backyard Renovations Good Investments?

Backyard upgrades accentuate the beauty of your property and enhance recreational fun. However, not every outdoor renovation results in a return on investment when the time comes to sell your home. If you want to revamp your yard and build equity, consider implementing these outdoor projects that are likely to increase your home’s value.


Update Your Landscaping

If you are considering renovating your property, a yard makeover should be at the top of your list. Cleaning up your lawn, planting local flora, and cultivating fruit trees can turn your yard into one of your home’s greatest assets. These projects will benefit your family while increasing the value of your home. If gardening is your pastime, keep in mind that some buyers with a brown thumb may worry about weekends consumed with mulch, garden shears, and sunscreen. The best approach is to keep your landscaping simple.




Install a Sprinkler System

Burying your sprinkler system is one of the best lawn investments you can make. An automated home sprinkler system saves you time, energy, and even money, all the while keeping your yard lush. You will recover a good portion of the amount invested, too.


Build a Patio

A patio installment can transform an empty backyard into a cozy outdoor feature. You can get the best return on investment by adding patio furniture and soft lighting for additional comfort outdoors. A patio is a desired amenity for most homes, so it is a valuable addition if you are trying to sell your house quickly.


Design a PergolaDecorated Pergola

This structure acts as a stylish entertainment space while providing relief from the scorching summer sun. Outdoor living is more popular than ever, so the market value of homes with a pergola or shady outdoor living space has increased. A pergola can offer a fantastic return on investment, too, depending on the material from which it was built. It can even be decorated with hanging potted plants, vines, string lights, or curtains to suit your favorite pastimes.


Add a Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are a great addition to a backyard, especially during the summer months in South Florida. They provide entertainment value and exercise for the whole family! Nonetheless, building a backyard swimming pool should be approached with caution. It is crucial to consider the substantial cost of a pool and the regular maintenance it requires throughout the year. Realistically, you are only likely to recover a small fraction of the original investment, so other backyard renovations may be more profitable in the long run.


Buy an Outdoor Fire PitBackyard Fire Pit

Nothing says summer like roasting marshmallows and making s’mores, but a fire pit is a versatile outdoor feature that can be used throughout every season. It is no wonder they make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Fire pits are sure to be the centerpiece of an outdoor gathering and can spruce up any backyard, large or small.


Most home buyers judge a book by its cover, so outdoor improvements can make a difference in your home’s market value. Always do your research and monitor real estate market trends before investing in renovations. This way, you will know how to maximize the return on investment of your backyard and increase your property’s value for years to come!

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