Buying a Home in South Florida: Define Your Needs

Many people, particularly first time home buyers, think buying a new home is like buying a new suit or dress, a TV or a new item for the kitchen. They don’t realize that buying a new home is one of the largest and most complicated financial transactions they will ever make and, at times, can seem confusing and overwhelming. One new home buyer once described the process as “wading through peanut butter.“ Working with an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor like Tauber Real Estate Services can ease you through the process and make it much less stressful. But, before you talk to a Realtor, you must first define your wants and needs.

  • How large a house?
  • How many bedrooms?
  • On what size lot?
  • Do I have children who need a big backyard?
  • Should there be a fence?
  • Should the house be furnished?
  • Do I want fancy mouldings?
  • Hurricane windows or shutters?
  • What neighborhood?
  • What school district?
  • How long a commute to work?
  • What community amenities -- pool, golf course, tennis, fitness facility, bike or jogging paths?
  • What price range?

Once you have your “wish list” we can help you hone it and start your search.