Why Work With a Buyer’s Agent in Palm Beach County?

Under Florida law, all Realtors are presumed to be operating as “transaction brokers” unless a different relationship with a buyer is established in writing. A transaction broker provides only limited representation to a buyer or seller in a transaction -- he or she can represent either the buyer or seller or both but serves neither as an agent or fiduciary. A transactional broker owes no loyalty to a buyer or seller, although he or she must deal honestly and fairly with both, account for all funds, and use skill, care, and diligence in the transaction. For that reason, many buyers choose to be represented by a Realtor as a “single agent.” A single agent represents the buyer exclusively in any transaction, and owes the buyer, as principal, complete loyalty, confidentiality, and obedience, among other duties. Unlike a transactional broker, a single agent cannot represent both parties to a transaction. From the buyer’s perspective, a single agent owes his or her loyalty only to you, will assist only you in evaluating properties and preparing offers, and will negotiate in your best interest, without regard to seller’s interest, in reaching a final contract.

Many people ask whether, as buyers, it is more advantageous to work with several Realtors rather than just one. As a practical matter, it makes sense for you as a buyer to choose Tauber Real Estate Services as your exclusive agent. We are able to show you any home, no matter who the listing broker is. If you see a home advertised in the newspaper or on the Internet, or if you drive by a home that interests you, simply call us. If you visit an open house or a new home community, just tell the seller’s agent that we are representing you. All home information is always available to us, even if it is not a Tauber Real Estate Services listing. We have access to every home in the Multiple Listing Service. As your exclusive agent, we will give you our undivided loyalty and attention and, in your search and contract negotiations, you and you only will have at your fingertips our best professional advice and our considerable experience. In short, you will receive the maximum in service from us. And, all of our professional advice, experience, and assistance is free. We get paid only when we find the right home for you.

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