Marketing Your Home in Palm Beach County


Establishing the recommended list price is just the first step to successfully getting your home sold. Each home that is marketed by me has a very carefully planned marketing strategy designed to expose your home to the greatest number of buyers which will result in selling your home at a higher price within a shorter period of time. Utilizing a diversified marketing strategy that is multi-channeled and highly targeted in order to cast a wide net of qualified potential buyers, will make a difference in the success of selling your home. My marketing is professional and detailed. Listed below is an overview of the extensive marketing you can expect to receive when I am privileged to have the responsibility of selling your home.



Creating professional photographs which inspire an excitement about your home to the buying public determine whether a buyer will proceed to the next step and make an appointment to see your home. My role as your realtor is to advise you on how to present your home in the most appealing manner. Ensuring the right lighting and crispness of your home's photos in addition to the proper showcasing will determine whether a buyer will pursue your home as a choice they would like to proceed with to the next step of previewing. No one wants to see a reflection in the mirror of your realtor taking pictures or not be able to see all the details of your home through a blurry, dark photograph. In addition, the order in which your pictures are presented to a potential buyer, regardless of the media channel, is an important factor. You want your home's photographs to flow flawlessly from one room to another, as though you are physically walking through the house.

  • Professional photographs of your home and your community, with particular attention to unique and special features.
  • Aerial photographs to better appreciate the setting and location of your home within the community.
  • Professional video to enhance the exceptional lifestyle of living in your home and community.



The internet is the starting point where most buyers begin their home search. Therefore, the MLS listing is your home's resume to other agents and buyers. Spending the time to ensure that the features of your home are exceptionally well presented and to distinguish your home from the competition is a very important part of the marketing process. Many of the top rated real estate websites provide an opportunity to enhance the basic information they receive from the local MLS with additional verbiage, pictures and videos. By adding additional verbiage, etc. this will bring your home search up more often when someone is searching for a new home.

  • Your home will appear on the top-rated internet sites including, Trulia, Palm Beach Post, etc.
  • Your home will be showcased on, which is a state of the art, consumer-oriented real estate website.



Email provides an efficient and highly targeted channel to reach your prospective target audience. There are many available outside email lists for purchase which are based on behavioral traits and spending patterns of individuals. There are also predictors of intent to purchase based on consumer data.

  • Your home will be promoted via Property Blast which will go to other realtors in the area and local buyers.
  • E-mails will be sent to the agency's substantial network of contacts regarding your home.
  • Your home will also appear as a listing in my personal e-newsletter that is sent to my personal proprietary list of potential (current and past) buyers several times annually.



Much of today's world revolves around social media and it impacts almost every aspect of our daily lives. And with over 3 billion active internet users it is another effective avenue to connect with buyers for your home. I will leverage the power of key social media to build awareness of your home and engage potential buyers.

  • Your home will be marketed on both my personal and Tauber Facebook business page, where over 1,000 individuals may know someone who may know someone who is the right buyer for your home. (Word of Mouth.)
  • Paid ads on Facebook and Instagram in selected geographic areas can be targeted to a specific type of buyer with a reach of over 40,000 additional buyers.
  • Linkedin display ads can be targeted to high value customers based on professional identity and intent to purchase.



This website is designed exclusively for clients of Tauber Real Estate Services to drive even more online exposure to your home. It will distinguish and separate your home from all others on the market. The website will include:

  • Numerous Photographs
  • Exciting Video
  • Full Color Brochure
  • Interactive Floorplan
  • Detailed Fact Sheet



Print advertising is tangible. The value of print is that you are able to put a printed piece of advertising down and then come back to it at your leisure. There are several excellent publications available in the marketplace. 

  • One of the more effective print advertising vehicles is the Palm Beach Post Sunday Residences section.
  • The Wall Street Journal, Jupiter Magazine, Palm Beacher Magazine, and Luxury Florida Homes are other available options, if appropriate.



Direct mail is an efficient and effective marketing vehicle. Because direct mail is so highly targeted, you can feel secure in knowing that your home information is getting to the right audience - an audience that is looking to purchase a home. Direct mail can invite potential buyers to contact me directly for private showings or can be used for a planned open house for the public or brokers.

  • Direct mail postcards will be sent to the office's personal mailing list of thousands of potential local, national and international home buyers.



Collateral materials such as brochures and fact sheets are important for a potential buyer to take with them and to review at their leisure after they have been to an open house. These materials have a "shelf life" which means they will stay around the house for several weeks, maybe months. They serve as a reminder of your home to potential buyers and will help to keep your property top of mind. Buyers buy emotionally, but they make a decision to write an offer based on the facts. I want to provide the buyer with the reasons to write you a good offer for your home.

  • Not only are professional pictures important in the marketing of your home but so are the many factual details and improvements you have made to your home, which I will include in one of the most important marketing pieces - your home fact sheet.
  • Your home's four color marketing brochure will also be sent to local real estate agents.
  • Your brochure and fact sheet will be located on our website so that any interested buyer will be able to print it immediately.



Open houses are a convenience for potential buyers and other realtors to see your home without making a specific appointment. A word of caution: Open houses should not be overused. Repeated open houses shout, "My house has not sold.” A word of caution: Open houses should not be overused. Repeated open houses shout, "My house has not sold."

  • Broker/Realtor and Buyer Open Houses will be held separately at your home.



Networking with other agents to bring their buyers to your home is one of the most important aspects of my job. When buyers are ready to purchase a home, they contact an agent to assist in the process.

  • All the agents in our area should know the features and benefits of your home.
  • I will always be available to assist another agent by being knowledgeable about your home and excited to show your home to their buyers.

Finally, know that I, as your representative, will assist other agents in every way possible to help sell your property.