Summertime is Here! Find Family-Friendly Fun in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, Florida, is an incredible destination to sightsee and enjoy native wildlife and entertainment of all forms. Beyond the more commonly known bustling nightlife on Clematis Street or live music on Sundays on the Waterfront are the kid-friendly attractions that the whole family will enjoy. You’ll find countless outdoor [...]

Who Was Henry Flagler?

Most of us locals have heard the name before, and we definitely know Flagler Drive, Flagler Bridge, Flagler Museum, and Flagler College in St. Augustine. But who was Henry Flagler? Read below to learn more about the “inventor” of [...]

Palm Beach Style

How to look coastal-chic on the island

Nowhere tastefully whispers “coastal chic” quite like Palm Beach. Our seaside town is known for perfect weather, some seriously impressive real estate, and, of course, its signature preppy-yet-colorful, sophisticated style. Worth Avenue and the rest of the island is the perfect runway for bold prints [...]

Are You Down with Real Estate Slang?

Here’s a list of some real estate “buzz words” and what they really mean:

Cozy: Snug, comfortable, and homey are the dictionary definitions. But in real estate speak,  it means tiny and cramped.

Charming: Could be old. The home might look cool, but we’re talking period detail from the early 1900s. Think repair and renovations.

Starter [...]

Who You Gonna' Call?

As you learn what to look for in a Realtor®, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer, carefully vet your choice. You don’t want to be oversold on a mortgage or pushed into a home that you aren’t quite sure about. This is the largest purchase you’ll likely ever make. You don’t want to pay more than you have [...]

SunFest in West Palm Beach - May 3-6 2018

Each year in May, the waterfront in West Palm Beach is home to SunFest. SunFest is Florida’s largest waterfront music and arts event – a premium festival with top-rated bands for all ages and genres, with fabulous food and incredible art. Get down to the beat, be seen at the scene on the floating bars, or rock out next to three live [...]

Jupiter: Where You Can Dine Under the Stars WITH Stars

Recently, the Palm Beach Post reviewed 1000 North, the new buzzed-about restaurant in Jupiter. Here’s a look at the buzz:

You may be tempted to refer to “1000 North on the Jupiter waterfront as “the Michael Jordan restaurant.” After all, the former NBA superstar is the most famous partner of the high-profile partners at 1000 North, which [...]

Touring a Home - What You Need to Know

Plenty of buyers have overlooked a gem because of bad wallpaper or dated furniture.  Others have allowed themselves to be seduced by fancy wallpaper and furniture in a home that otherwise didn’t satisfy their needs. The challenge is to make sure you’re seeing each home objectively.  Here are some [...]

Real Estate Term of the Day

Most of us have heard the word “contingency” and think we know what it means. In real estate, contingencies can make or break a deal. Let’s see how.




a future event or circumstance that is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty.

"a detailed contract that attempts to provide for all possible [...]