Blog :: 02-2013


Jupiter, Florida is built for the rock stars. The pleasures of owning a waterfront home in Jupiter are no longer a secret. Worldwide celebrities such as Michael Jordan (home in [...]

“How's the market doing around here?”

As Real Estate professionals, we are no stranger to everyone’s favorite real estate question/conversation piece – “How’s the market doing around here?”

It has been a question on the mind of every homeowner, prospective buyer, and investor since the big bubble burst 5 years ago. As a REALTOR, it is getting easier and easier to give a positive [...]

Why I Love Florida

Welcome to the Tauber Real Estate Services inaugural newsletter. I am very excited about this opportunity to share real estate information as it relates to the Palm Beaches and activities and events further south to Fort Lauderdale and Miami and north to Tequesta. The health of the real estate market in Florida is essential to an improving [...]