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About Mark

Mark is not your typical real estate professional. He does not have a long and storied career in the real estate industry. In fact, he only received his Florida license in 2009. Rather, Mark is a lawyer. He spent nearly 35 years practicing law and was a senior partner in a major international law firm in Washington, DC. He represented Fortune 500 multi-national companies in mergers and acquisitions, in financing deals, in litigation, and before Federal and State agencies and Congress. Mark understands business and how government policy can affect markets. He also has a working knowledge of the real estate industry, having been married for more than 40 years to one of the leading real estate professionals in the country, his wife Anita. Mark was trained by the best, not only as a lawyer, but also as a real estate professional. His life experience gives him a unique perspective on the local real estate market. He can spot trends in government policy, business activity, financing, and interest rates before they affect the market and advise people looking to buy or sell homes how to avoid or take advantage of them. Mark offers significant added value to help you navigate the choppy waters of real estate.

Mark grew up in Michigan and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan. His law degree is from the National Law Center of the George Washington University. Mark’s parents moved to Florida in 1967. He and his wife, Anita, have had a home in Florida since 1993. They currently live in Palm Beach Gardens.