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SunFest in West Palm Beach - May 3-6 2018

SunFest 2018 in West Palm Beach FL

Each year in May, the waterfront in West Palm Beach is home to SunFest. SunFest is Florida’s largest waterfront music and arts event – a premium festival with top-rated bands for all ages and genres, with fabulous food and incredible art. Get down to the beat, be seen at the scene on the floating bars, or rock out next to three live [...]

Jupiter: Where You Can Dine Under the Stars WITH Stars

1000 North Restaurant in Jupiter FL

Recently, the Palm Beach Post reviewed 1000 North, the new buzzed-about restaurant in Jupiter. Here’s a look at the buzz:

You may be tempted to refer to “1000 North on the Jupiter waterfront as “the Michael Jordan restaurant.” After all, the former NBA superstar is the most famous partner of the high-profile partners at 1000 North, which [...]