Blog :: 01-2017

Palm Beach Gardens: Home for the Adventurous, Marvelous & Good-Life Enthusiasts Part I

Sunny days. Picturesque views. Enchanting streets. Quintessential properties. Calming beaches. Pristine landscapes. World-class shopping. Delicious dining. Endless activities. Glimmering city lights. Entertaining nightlife. Friendly neighbors. Welcome to the premier community of Palm Beach Gardens (PBG).

Take your coat off, grab yourself a cocktail, you’ll want to stay awhile.

New Year's Resolution: 10 Outdoor Activities to Stay Fit in the Palm Beaches

A common New Year’s resolution all over the country is staying fit. For Florida residents, it’s no different. But what is different, it’s a little bit easier in the sunshine state to keep that resolution goal. Living here is easy and the opportunities are endless in the Palm Beaches. Here are ten fun year-round outdoor activities you can do in the Palm Beaches to stay fit.