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It's the peak of hurricane season. Stay safe with these hurricane preparedness tips.

Hurricane Season is upon us, running from June 1st to November 31st. It is important to prepare more so you can worry less as the Sunshine State braces for tropical storms. Here are some key tips to keep your family and home safe.

Before the storm:

It’s never too early to start gathering necessities for hurricane season to avoid the chaos during emergency supply shopping. Stockpiling early may make your supply more budget-friendly, as well. Your inventory should include:

  • non-perishable food and snacks
  • bottled water (a gallon a day for each family member)
  • flashlights and batteries
  • portable chargers
  • pet and/or baby supplies
  • books and board games to beat boredom
  • a first-aid kit with any medication you may need
  • cash

Furthermore, you should assemble a kit of garbage bags, gloves, and cleaning supplies to begin the cleanup process. Local stores may be closed for a few days after the storm.

Cut down and trim trees that have the potential to damage your home ahead of time so they can be properly disposed of.

Look at the ‘Hurricane Evacuation Zone Look-Up Tool here to identify if you live in a mandatory evacuation zone.  If you do, develop a plan with your family, and talk about what you will do with any pets you may have. For a list of shelters in Palm Beach County, click here.

Download the WPTV app for real-time watches/warnings and updated radars.

During the storm:

Be sure to store all loose objects surrounding your property inside as the storm approaches. This includes any flower pots, play yard equipment, and patio furniture. The strong wind gusts may force these objects to act as projectiles, as they are easily thrown around. To further protect your home, install plywood over your windows or close your hurricane shutters to prevent the glass from shattering. Unplug appliances that have the potential to be damaged by lightning. Move your car into a garage or safe place.

Go to a ‘safe place’ that is away from any windows: a closet is often a good spot.

After the storm:

Listen to local officials and weather forecasts that can inform you when it is safe to go outside. After a storm, fallen power lines and trees are common. Report these immediately. Avoid driving on the road, as debris can block roadways and traffic lights are often out of order.

While NOAA has predicted a below-normal hurricane season, it is still important to take the proper precautions to keep you and your home safe. For more information, please contact a Tauber Real Estate Associate.


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