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Trending Paint Colors for 2019 You're Gonna Love Them!

Each year, interior designers and home experts come out with the color trends of the year. Sometimes, there are varying opinions and forecasts, but we’re in luck… because many agree on 2019’s colors. These soft, light, airy colors bring a sense of calm and their hues can be paired with anything. And, can’t we all use a little more calm and ease in our lives?

French Vanilla

Makes you think of an Italian dessert or a fancy coffee. Creams and whites are perfect for every room.  And if you choose to showcase your white and cream fabrics, accessories, artwork with your French Vanilla walls or you pair them with bold color accents, you can’t lose.

French Vanilla Interior Paint 2019 Interior Paint French Vanilla

Aqua Mint

A combination of blue and green, the pastel hue of Aqua Mint is soothing and warming.  Plus, it goes great with dark or light blonde furniture, and the Florida lifestyle. This color has a nautical and beachy feel.  Think of it paired with navy patterned fabrics or dark wood floors.

Interior Paint Aqua Mint 2019 Aqua Mint Interior Paint Color


The neutral quality of Clay paint color is perfect for a masculine or feminine style… or a mixture of both. This muted earthy tone is modern and timeless. It can be “dressed up” or “dressed down” just like your favorite pair of jeans.

Interior Paint Clay Color 2019 Clay Color Interior Paint 2019


A non-color of sorts, Mist paint color may come from a blend of muted pastel blue and green with a gray and lilac undertone, but it’s far from a pastel of the past. It serves as a blank canvas for décor or all colors and styles of all tastes.

Interior Paint Mist Color 2019 Mist Color Interior Paint

Let these colors inspire you to create a home that’s perfect for your style and way of life. The possibilities are endless and these palettes are easy to work with. 

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