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Kitchens of the Future are Now of the Present

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And, with the latest and greatest trends, spending time in the kitchen cooking, baking, and entertaining just got a whole lot easier...and fun! Check out what’s hot in kitchens:

French Door OvenFrench Door Ovens

French door wall ovens are stylish, but they’re also a great choice in limited spaces because you don’t have to allow room for a conventional door to fold down in front. Some are equipped with Bluetooth so that you can control oven functions remotely with your smartphone — say, if you want to preheat while you’re hung up in traffic so that dinner still hits the table on time.

Steam Ovens

Steam ovens cook food much faster than conventional ovens do and help food retain its nutrients and flavor. These ovens combine steam and convection modes with a series of pre-set programmed recipes so that all you have to do is put the food in — the oven does the work of figuring out which modes to apply to get the best results. You can even tell the oven what time you want your dish to be ready, and it will turn on and adjust the cooking process as necessary to finish at exactly the right moment.

Range and Flex Duo Ovens

These ovens great for chefs of any level. For newbie chefs, the cooktop projects virtual LED flames onto your pot, so you’ll always know when a burner is on. For the pros, the “Flex-Duo Oven” means you can cook two separate dishes at completely different temperatures.Countertop Beer Brewing

Countertop Beer Brewing

For the small sacrifice of 20 inches of countertop width, you can turn your kitchen into your own custom microbrewery. Countertop beer brewing systems allow craft beer enthusiasts to brew whatever styles they choose at home — and track data from their brewing sessions via a smartphone app.

Specialized Fridge Storage Zones

The days of the simple crisper drawer are long gone. Now, highly specialized storage zones make your refrigerator a precision tool. Imagine a fridge that has eight or nine distinct storage zones, including a freezer pocket for boxed pizza and a temperature-controlled drawer with a setting for thawing frozen meats.Smart Refrigerator

Refrigerators with WiFi Enabled LCD

Your midnight snack hunts just got high-tech. Smart fridge features include built-in WiFi and an integrated LCD touchscreen. If you can’t find anything to eat, you can use your phone to connect to the fridge’s LCD screen and call for pizza delivery. Afterward, you can tweet about how you just made a phone call from your fridge.

Smarter WiFi Coffee Machine

Marty McFly couldn’t make this up himself. This coffee machine responds to your smartphone, so your coffee is ready when you want it. Get this: You can program the coffee machine to brew stronger cups on mornings when you didn’t get enough shut-eye.

Perfect Bake System

Maybe it’s time to actually bake something from your “Desserts” pinboard. No need to worry about perfect measurements, because the Perfect Bake System has got you covered. It does the math for you by weighing each ingredient for accuracy and using built-in timers to let you know when you’re done mixing, baking or cooling. How perfect is that?Perfect Bake System

Energy-Efficient Dishwashers

No need to serve paper plates at your next soiree with a new, energy-efficient dishwasher. This sleek appliances feature a self-operating door and can wash dishes for a party of up to 13 of your closest friends. With a noise level of just 44 decibels, they run near-silent, so you won’t lose sleep listening to clinks and clanks all night.

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