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Biggest Turn Offs to Potential Buyers

So, you’re ready to sell and open your home to potential buyers. These days, sellers take advantage of staging their homes. This is because staging works. But above and beyond staging, there is a definite list of “must-not-haves” when it comes to selling your home. Eliminate these turnoffs before the first potential buyer comes in to increase the potential for interest, and eventually a sale.

Dirty House

The very first thing you need is a clean house. Ensure your home is tidy before each showing. This may seem obvious, but it is surprising how many people neglect to clean up before potential buyers arrive.Potential Homebuyer

Smelly House

Smells are a huge turnoff, but you may be accustomed to the smells in your home. Have someone walk through the house with you and let you know how it smells. Then, invest in an air freshener if there are any problems.

Strange Colors

Some colors give people a positive feeling, but others can affect them negatively. If you have strong colors in your home, you may wish to paint these rooms a neutral color or white to keep from turning people off. Try to stick with neutrals, as they appeal to most everyone.Strange paint colors

Messy Lawn

How the property looks on the outside is very important to people. Your lawn, entryway, porch area should be neat and tidy. Your driveway and garage area should be free of any clutter, including children’s toys and bikes, trash cans, sports equipment, etc. Remember, this first impression is very important.


Potential buyers should not be greeted with the sound of barking dogs when they ring the doorbell. When you are showing your home, you might want to find an alternative lodging for your pets. It’s ok to have one cat or one bird but try to keep the animals to a minimum.

ClutterRoom with clutter

In short, get rid of it! All of it! Box up your knick-knacks, photos, and other things that make it hard for a potential buyer to visualize themselves living in your home. Too much furniture confuses the eye and makes it really hard for buyers to see the actual sizes of rooms. If they can't see what they need to know, they move on to the next home on their list.

Outdated Decor

The reason people are looking at your home instead of buying brand new is because of cost and location. They want your neighborhood, but that doesn't mean they want an outdated home. Just like they want a home in good repair, they want a home that looks updated and modern.

If it’s broken, fix it!

Whether it’s a stuck drawer, a closet that won’t open, or a toilet that constantly runs or leaks, fix it! Potential buyers will open drawers and examine your home carefully. It may seem like a “minor” issue, but it could imply that there are larger issues to fix, as well.

It takes time and effort to sell your home, and sometimes, the smallest details can influence a sale. Be sure to prepare your home to receive buyers well.

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