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State of YOUR Art: Gallery Walls

Nothing makes a statement or is more inspiring than a gallery wall in your home. Gallery walls are a décor trend that will stand the test of time…and for good reasons. Powerful, beautiful, and full of character, these commanding art displays are a great way to fill up a large empty wall, without having to pull out your paint brushes. And don’t think you have to invest in expensive art. Read on for some creative ways to make a statement in your home:Kids Art

Kids’ Artwork

Yes, that’s right… frame your children’s artwork for a chic display that not only is beautiful but holds special memories as well.


You can inexpensively print your photos from your phone at local drugstores and superstores. You can choose a theme like a family vacation, or beach pictures, or select photos that are in the same color palette.

Nature ArtBring Nature in and Frame it

Let nature inspire you! Go out in your yard and find pretty leaves, flowers, small branches, or if you live in South Florida; shells and palm fronds. Collect them; press them, and frame them in between glass or with similar or coordinating mattes and frames. Viola! Instant art that costs next to nothing.

Let the Internet be Your Artist

Google or search for pretty landscapes, your favorite flowers, or even photos of puppies. Print and frame. Let your imagination be your guide!

Mirror, Mirror on the WallMirror Art

A collection of antique or modern mirrors makes a great statement on the wall. Not only is it dramatic, but you can also check your lipstick anytime you wish!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Hang a grouping of clocks to showcase your eclectic side.

Clock ArtReady to Hang?

Determine your layout to use before you get started: centered, anchored above a piece of furniture, floor to ceiling, close together, or symmetrical.

Mock up the placement on the ground. Start with the largest pieces first, then fill in the space with smaller pieces. Use paper as mock-ups to tape to the wall temporarily to judge placement and distance. Stand back and look at the “paper display” and move around to determine the best placement.

When hanging, treat multiple pieces as one. Keep them at eye level, roughly 60° from the center of the grouping to the floor.

Use matching frames for a modern, cohesive look or mix and match frame styles for an eclectic look.

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