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Resolving to be more organized in 2019 - Here are 6 tips to clean up the mess and reduce stress!

At the start of every New Year millions of us vow to eat healthier, exercise more, or save money. However, a new start can be the perfect time to get your house and life a little more in order. Here are some simple suggestions to kick 2019 off to a well-organized start!

Use one calendar for every commitment

This allows forgetfulness to be a thing of the past and helps manage busy schedules, time, and activities. Be sure the calendar is portable, whether digital or paper form, so all of your reminders, vacations, and responsibilities are available to mark down and view when you’re out and about.


Clean out filesImage result for organized files

It’s easy for outdated paperwork to accumulate through the years in your cabinets, so this resolution can mean it is time to purge the old in order to make room for new paperwork. Ask yourself what is necessary and relevant to keep for the oncoming year, and what should not have a place in your active files. You can also take this time to categorize papers into groups such as accounting/business, mementos, and personal documents for easy access down the road.


Sort and act on your mail

With every piece of mail you receive, be sure to file or throw it out right away to avoid seemingly bottomless stacks of mail. In addition, register with the Direct Marketing Association to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive, which can mean less clutter.


Clean your officeImage result for clean home office

When you’re busy, office clutter can accumulate and grow exponentially. Now is the perfect time to collect the items that are out of place and reposition them for your convenience. Keep supplies that you use daily on your desk or nearby, and store the excess in a cabinet. Sort miscellaneous papers in files or a binder for easy access. A desk file sorter is useful for categorizing all of your to-do’s and making sure you follow up on obligations.


Create a plan

2019 should bring about reflections on what you wished to have accomplished this year, and what aspirations you hope to carry through into the New Year. The best strategy when organizing your home is to divide and conquer. This approach makes organizing your home and restoring order seem more attainable. Breaking up any project into pieces allows you to find a start without getting overwhelmed.

If you need suggestions as to how to make certain areas of your home more organized, check out Organizing Made Fun’s 31 Days of Spontaneous Organizing. Each mini-challenge is designed to tidy small areas in less than 15 minutes! This will give you suggestions every day throughout the month of January, giving you a head start for the rest of the year!


Let technology give you a helping handImage result for homezada

All types of technology are available to simplify and improve your personal organization endeavors. One such website, HomeZada, allows you to account for and manage all of your remodeling, landscaping, and design projects, while saving money by tracking your budgets and costs. In addition, you are able to keep track of your finances with dashboards that keep you up to date on financial data such as home values, expenses, projects, and maintenance costs. The online software’s maintenance calendar and home inventory make home management much easier.


Organizing must be approached in a maintainable manner that will add ease and convenience to your lifestyle. As you resolve to tidy up and make simple adjustments, you will reap the benefits. So, this year, set yourself up for success by getting organized and simplifying your life!

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