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Faucets with Functionality and Finesse

Faucets with Functionality and Finesse


Think about it, both the bathroom and kitchen faucets in your home get a lot of use. These workhorses need to work well, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good and outshine the sink with design and style. Check out these hot new trends for when you’re turning on the hot and cold.



Mixed Metals on a Single Faucet


The fashionistas know to mix metals when it comes to adding jewelry to an outfit. So, now faucets are getting in on the mixed-metal act. Pairing brass with matte black looks sleek, modern and cool.



Ombré Finish





From rose gold to nickel, or titanium to gold, ombré faucets are elegant and sleek, but also give off an edgy vibe. After all, doesn’t your kitchen and bathroom need some edge?



Matte Is In


Matte black is gaining popularity among homeowners in both kitchens and master bathrooms.



Semiprofessional in the Kitchen

An ongoing trend in kitchens is professional-quality range tops, ovens, and vent hoods. Now, kitchen faucets are on board, showcasing a scaled-back version of commercial faucets that have a large, stretchy hose structure and a heavy nozzle spray.



Statement Faucets

Unique designs that look like artistic sculptures and mimic waterfalls, streams, mini fountains, and more are sure to make brushing your teeth an absolute pleasure.



Industrial and Vintage


Old is new again. These looks have a vintage style, but are modern again, thanks to their simplicity and familiarity.



Think about changing one or all of your faucets to give your home an updated look. For information on real estate services in the Palm Beaches, contact a Tauber Real Estate Services specialist at 561-626-4633.

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