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Laundry Room Love: Spruce up. Tidy Up. Show the Laundry Some Love.

A tidy and organized laundry room may not seem like a priority, but you should make it one. Often, this room sits within eyesight of an open living/dining space that you can’t hide. And, it’s the room where you take care of your clothes, so it should be a blend of style and function.




Stack Your Way to More Space

If space is an issue, build up and expand the “real estate” of the room! A pair of front-loading machines allow you to stack them, using vertical space that would be wasted otherwise. By opening up more floor space, you instantly increase square footage.



Create a Real Room Feeling with Wallpaper

Paint can clean up a wall and give it color, but wallpaper takes things to another level. Lucky for us all, companies are now rolling out beautiful patterns that can be easily removed when you want a change.



A Cabinet Hides Everything

No one—including you—needs to see your detergent bottles, dryer sheets, and stain sticks. And decanting them all in pretty bottles isn’t practical either. To hide household supplies in an easy-to-access place, think about a single-base cabinet with drawers for suds, dog food, beach towels, and dryer sheets.




Shelves Do the Heavy Lifting

Install a few pretty shelves for a place to store laundry items and extra supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, etc. Stored in decorative baskets or bins keeps it organized and pretty.








Every Space Deserves Art

Even if it’s just one piece, and even if it’s small, art makes a space feel polished and pulled together.







Good Lighting is Always a Bright Idea

Often times, the laundry room does not have a natural light source like a window or skylight, so illuminate the space with a ceiling fixture or a pair of lamps. You will need good light to combat stains while giving the space a clean, modern look.






Since the laundry room is a functional space where you probably spend a good deal of time in, consider a few upgrades. After all, why shouldn’t it get just as much love as the other rooms in your home?  For more information on the finest homes in the Palm Beaches, contact a Tauber Real Estate Services specialist at 561-626-4633.

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