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Honeybell Season!

Nature’s Candy

January is THE month to enjoy one of Florida’s gems. Whether it’s squeezed into a glass or eaten standing at the sink, with juice dripping down your chin, the arrival of  honeybells is greatly anticipated.

Honeybells are known as the orange-lover’s orange— though most can’t believe they aren’t oranges at all! Fragrant, seedless, and bursting with sweet juice, Honeybells are hybrids of a Darcy Tangerine and Duncan Grapefruit. Since they have loose skin, they are pretty easy to peel, especially when compared to regular oranges.

Of course, the best place for the honeybell to grow is in Floridian climates. In fact, the bulk of the Honeybell orange crop is cultivated near here, along the Indian River. Honeybell season is quite short—harvested only in January and (if we’re lucky) another week or two into February. Because of their fantastic flavor and limited availability, they’re in huge demand—and very short supply.

With its name describing its shape, the dome at the blossom end lets you know it’s a honeybell. When you open honeybells, you immediate notice the lack of seeds or white strings typically found in other oranges.


Where can you find this eagerly awaited, elite fruit? Look for them in local grocery stores, both locally owned and chains, as well as specialty citrus stores like TerMarsch Groves in Juno Beach.  This store, centrally located between Palm Beach and Jupiter Island is a favorite among locals and visitors, especially during honeybell season.

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