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Small Projects to Tackle While Staying Home

During this challenging time of sheltering in place, social distancing and staying safe and healthy, why not take this time to spruce up the house with some easy, affordable projects? Here are two easy ones to start this weekend. Watch this blog for more ideas!


Mudroom Makeover

With the kiddos at home and everyone working remotely, your family's stuff is probably everywhere. Whether it’s a mudroom or an entryway, it’s easy to organize items and keep things in place.


Vessels for grouping

Baskets, bins and boxes are all excellent storage tools to keep things organized. You can separate items by bin, such as shoes and hats, or assign a bin to each member of the family.


Hang it up

Hooks and decorative tacks are a great way to get thing up and off the floor or piled on top of each other. Use them for beach towels, hats, bags, and anything that hangs.


No matter how you organize it, you'll never regret keeping things in its place and sprucing up your home’s first and last impression.



Pantry Pampering

When everyone’s home, the pantry is getting a lot of attention with all that snacking and cooking! First, pull everything out, and wipe down the shelves and sides. Then, follow these guidelines for a pretty pantry!



Categorize items like baking, dinner, snacks, etc. Your goal is to keep items that are normally used together in proximity- like pasta and tomato sauce, chips and salsa.


Move it Out

If your pantry is overstuffed, and you know it will be difficult to fit everything back inside, look for things that could be moved elsewhere. Spices, coffee and tea are good candidates for being moved to another cabinet. And if you’re using the pantry to store pots and pans, move them out, too.


Move it Around

Most pantries have adjustable shelves, but few of us never take the time to rearrange them. And, you should avoid stacking products on top of each other. Adjust shelves to maximize your space. Vinegars and oils sometimes come in tall bottles, and canned goods are shorter, so also keep items of similar height together. If there’s enough room, you might even be able to squeeze in an extra shelf or two.


What You See is What You Get

It’s all about accessibility and convenience. Put everyday or frequently grabbed items at eye level. It’s prime real estate for the things you use daily. When putting products back into the pantry, try to keep the items you use for everyday cooking the most accessible, by positioning them at eye level. If you have children, consider placing their snacks near the bottom of the pantry so they can help themselves.


Give it a Name

Once everything is in place, labeling is the last step. If you have a label maker, use it to identify where things should go and what’s in refillable containers. If not, print them off the computer and stick on with double-stick tape.


We encourage you to use this time to beautify your home. For more information on the finest homes in the Palm Beaches, contact a Tauber Real Estate specialist today at 561.626.4633.



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