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Tips for Designing Homeschool Headquarters

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many universities are switching to online classes for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, and the Palm Beach County School District has been quick to follow. Kids and young adults will continue to learn at home, so it is important to dedicate a work area where they can maintain focus. A suitable study room can maximize a student’s concentration and offer structure in their daily routine, so here are a few essentials to create a distraction-free ambiance:


Quiet Location

Finding the right location for a study room is crucial so your student can maximize the benefits of a private space. A spare room makes a perfect makeshift classroom, but extra space in a bedroom or basement can be easily converted into a study area, too. Wherever you choose to locate homework headquarters, ensure there is a low noise level and minimal distractions. A quieter study space leads to a more productive routine. 


Study DeskStudy Desk

A desk is the centerpiece of any study room. You will want a spacious desk that can accommodate your kid’s supplies, including textbooks, notebooks, and a laptop. Avoid desks that will be too large, however, because more surface area can equate to more clutter. The perfect desk should have enough surface area for frequently used essentials and provide storage compartments for less popular supplies. 


Comfortable Chair

A cozy chair provides appropriate lumbar support, making Zoom classes or studying more tolerable. An ergonomic chair that supports the lower back and improves posture is a worthy investment.



Finding the right lighting for your study space is especially important if your student will be reading fine print textbooks or solving difficult math problem sets. If possible, let natural light flood the room. If your child is still squinting, it may be valuable to invest in an adjustable LED desk lamp, which provides more focused light for reading. Your child can experiment with the brightness levels and color tones until they find a setting that enhances their concentration.


Declutter and Organize

Organizing takes patience, but your hard work will inspire a productive environment that is conducive to learning. Remove distractions and anything that is not essential to the study area. 

We suggest only keeping everyday essential items on top of the desk to avoid a mountain of desktop clutter. A desk organizer is a great tool to keep folders, pens and pencils, a planner, and anything else your student needs within reach. 

All other school supplies should be easily accessible in extra storage space. Bookcases and shelves provide ample space for textbooks or novels. Use storage cubes or drawers for paper, notebooks, and other necessities. A small file cabinet is a great tool for students to organize homework assignments, quizzes, and tests for each subject. There are plenty of finishes and styles of storage cabinets to choose from, so your student can customize the space to their liking. Remember, engaging your student in the design process will excite them about starting school from home in the fall. 



There are endless ways to customize a study space to make it as pleasant as possible. The design of the room will depend on your student’s age and gender, but the overall theme should encourage creativity and coziness. Allow your student to select color palettes and incorporate personal touches that reflect their hobbies and interests. The room can transform into an inviting haven with candles or essential oil diffusers, which provide pleasant aromas and may even improve memory and focus. Noise machines also add relaxing background noises to minimize distractions. Don’t be afraid to showcase creativity; a space that is enjoyable to spend time in will enhance a student’s studying experience. 


Sample Study Space     Sample Study Space     Sample Study Space


These are uncertain times, but a home study space will enable your child to excel in the upcoming unconventional school year. For more information on the finest homes of the Palm Beaches, contact a Tauber Real Estate Services specialist at 561-626-4633.

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