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Check out Ferro Via in Jupiter!

You know that building on the corner of Center St. that sat empty for a while? Welcome to Ferro Via. Ferro Via is Italian for iron road/railroad. The owners’ family worked tirelessly to transform it into a local retail market for the town of Jupiter.


The west end of the building was the largest and only stand-alone post office, while the east end served as a grocery store during the early days in Jupiter. It has gone through many changes over the years but nothing quite as special as what it is right now. It was taken under the family’s wing in 2007. A neglected burned down building nobody wanted anything to do with. Transformed and polished over the years, they had big plans for this building....they literally raised the roof and created a chic space with local artists’ creations, a serene patio, an impressive café and coffee bar, and more.



Sip, Eat, and Shop:




The Lokomotive

Meet a friend at this specialty coffee micro lounge located inside Ferro Via. Whether it's a good cup of regular coffee, or something a bit more creative like an Espresso, Macchiato, Cappucino, Matcha Latte, or Affogato, you will find it here. Grab your ‘Cup o’Joe’ and sit outside in the back patio or shop the vendors.







Did Someone Say “Chocolate”?

It’s hard to choose, but which locally hand crafted chocolate treat is your favorite? The Earl Grey Lavender truffle is quickly becoming a local favorite, giving the chocolate-covered Oreos a little competition!



The Pop Shack

The Pop Shack offers “ice pops for locals.” Enjoy small-batch, vegan, hand-made ice pops in flavors like chocolate sea salt and key lime pie. It’s a great way to beat the heat.



Fashion and Jewelry

Check out the latest fashion and jewelry creations circulating around the market.



Craft Soap

Looking for a new scent? How does wild jasmine or cherry blossom sound (or smell)? From loofahs to scrubs and hand-made bars, visit one of the many vendors creating and crafting their soap products.


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