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2022 Home Décor Trends

Hard to believe that 2022 is here. But here we are… and the 2022 trends for home décor show that appreciation for our homes as sanctuaries is here to stay. Read on for some tips on styling your home that will create a home that’s on trend, but will be functional for years to come.


Basic Colors

Everyone gravitates toward calm and relaxation, multiplied by comfort. This comes through with a neutral palette of natural shades including basic colors: forms of black, white and shades of gray, as well as muted tones like beige and cream.





Rounded Shapes

Soft lines and curved edges create a relaxing and inviting vibe. This is not a new trend, but it’s coming back in a big way. Today, sharp lines and layouts are softened by furniture without corners.





With all of the chaos and confusion happening in the world, we need our home and our spaces to be calming and inviting. A minimalistic approach to design helps to create a sanctuary in your home. And this trend is not only stylish and chic, it creates a relaxed feeling and we can all use some more of that!



Work From Home

If you haven’t already, it’s time to create a home-office space in your home. Even if you are going into an office regularly, we all need a space that is dedicated for laptop use, sorting mail, making lists, and online research, and more.




Textured Surfaces

Furniture pieces covered in textured, cozy fabrics that are super soft and aesthetically pleasing are on trend for 2022 and beyond. And textured wallpaper creates an unexpected, yet modern feel.




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  1. MatsDubai on

    Many trends have been used in 2022. Some of them have been described here but some are missing. One such idea which is missing is of using mats in the home.