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Common Home Décor Mistakes to Avoid


Decorating your home is a process where your choices have great impact. The colors, fabrics, furniture, accessories photos, artwork and more all contribute to the overall look of each room. Sometimes, this can be overwhelming. It may be helpful to know what not to do in order to make your home stylish and modern. Here’s a few easy tips to consider.


Don’t Choose the Paint Color First

Paint is available in thousands of colors and costs little and be easily changed. Choose your most expensive and larger pieces first before choosing a paint color to coordinate the overall look.


Don’t Push All the Furniture Against the Walls

Sometimes the room size can make this difficult but try to pull furniture away from the walls to create cozy conversation areas. This is especially important in living rooms and family rooms. You may be hesitant to show the backs of furniture pieces, but if they're finished, there’s no reason not to try this tip.


Don’t Rely on Overhead Lighting

While overhead lighting is good to have, it doesn't offer enough illumination, and it's not particularly flattering. It's better to have a mix of overhead, ambient, and task lighting. Use table lamps, floor lamps, sconces—whatever you like. Just be sure to use a mix. It will provide more light, as well as make the room and everyone in it look better.


Be Careful of Area Rugs that are Too Small

An area rug should be large enough to go under your furniture. At the very least, it looks best if the rug is under the two front legs of every style of seating, with a bit of space around those legs as a visual buffer.


Move Curtain Rods Up

If you thought your living room curtains were supposed to be mounted right where your window begins, you could be missing out on a visual trick that many designers say can make your space look bigger and better.

Hanging your curtains anywhere from three to eight inches higher than your windows can actually draw the eye upward, thus making your room appear loftier and your ceilings taller in the process.


Your home is your haven, so consider these home décor tips to make it stylish and modern. For more information on the finest homes in the Palm Beaches, contact a Tauber Real Estate Services specialist at 561-626-4633.

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