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Visit the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens


We are lucky enough, here in Palm Beach County, to have a historic home, artist studio and rare palm gardens open to the public. The former residence of famed sculptor Ann Weaver Norton (1905-1982) and her husband, Ralph, ANSG boasts more than 250 tropical plants and 100 different sculptures and works of art.

The house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and the two-acre property, featuring a collection of 250 species of tropical palms, lies near downtown West Palm Beach on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Displayed throughout the house, studio and gardens are more than 100 works by the artist, including nine monumental sculptures, eight in brick and one in granite. The Gardens were designed by Ann Norton and Sir Peter Smithers. The largest tract of garden containing the great brick sculptures, is designed in a natural, unmanicured style. The experience of coming across Norton’s mysterious monoliths as surprises in their lush green jungle-like setting is akin to discovering another world.


The Gardens & Monumental Sculptures

Ann Norton’s monumental, silent, mysterious sculptures built over a period of 15 years were intended to be discovered as surprises amidst the dense, jungle-like vegetation. The Gardens, designed by world-renowned botanist Sir Peter Smithers as a rare palm garden, represent Ann’s commitment to conservation and the preservation of a quiet retreat in the midst of a burgeoning city. The Gardens’ assemblage of over 250 rare palm species, cycads and unusual tropicals is recognized as one of the largest public collections in Florida. It is a rare gift to experience the union of this powerful art and the naturalness of the landscape.


The Artist Studio

Created over four decades, Ann Norton’s works in bronze, stone and wood inhabit the studio like a forest alluring the visitor to explore and feel her artistic spirit. Guests are greeted by larger-than-life models, armatures, and studies that evolved into her monumental works in granite and brick found throughout the gardens.



Exhibitions are on display through out the gardens and/or the historic home during the season. (October – June)


Educational & Community Events

It was Ann Weaver Norton’s (1905-1982) specific intention that her historic home, artist studio and rare palm gardens be left for the enjoyment and education of the community. Educational programs include Literacy Days, Garden Day, and more


By the numbers

The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens invites you to experience:

9 Monumental Garden Sculptures

250 Species of Rare Tropical Palms and Cycads

100 Works of Art


Location and Hours:

Where: 253 Barcelona Rd., West Palm Beach, FL

When:  November – June: Wed – Sun, 10 am – 4 pm


Don’t miss this cultural gem, right here in Palm Beach County! For more information on the finest homes in the Palm Beaches, contact a Tauber Real Estate Services specialist at 561-626-4633.