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Tips for an Ornanized Fridge and Pantry

January is always the time we say “let’s get organized!” But sometimes, the tasks can seem overwhelming and time consuming. But, if you start in the most used room, the kitchen, the results can make daily life much easier and less chaotic. Sorting through mismatched container collections, searching for a needed spice for a recipe, or fridge items being hidden or worse toppling over can add stress to your day. Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to save space and time in the fridge and pantry.


Lazy Susan

This crucial item is misnamed! Susan is not lazy, as she is a workhorse in the kitchen! This organizational essential allows you to easily access everything in your cabinets or fridge, including those hard-to-reach items that you'd normally store in the back (and then forget about!). And, if you can find the double-decker kind, even more time and space will be saved!




Roll Out Fridge Caddy

Between produce, leftovers and all of those sauces and condiments, a fridge can become pretty chaotic if not properly organized. Featuring back wheels and a compartments, a roll-out caddy is a neat solution for keeping items accessible and easy to find, which could prevent you from double buying items from the grocery store.



Lid Organizer

Game changer! This probably happens more often than you'd like: You go to pack away leftovers and you spend a frustrating amount of time trying to find the correct storage lid. Not anymore with a lid organizer. It keeps your container tops neatly stored upright and from getting scattered around your drawers or cabinets, which not only saves you time, but precious space, as well.


Can Caddy

As you know, drinks can take up much-needed space, so the best way to utilize real estate in the fridge or pantry is to stack. A can caddy/ organizer features an open top that makes it great for stacking sodas, seltzers and other canned beverages. And, bonus- you won’t have to worry about them rolling out and potentially causing a fizzy mess.


Tiered Organizers

Building and stacking up is the perfect way to organize and display multiple items at once. A shelving or stacking system can be a great space saver. And, it’s an easy way to see what snacks are available on movie night or game day.


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